KineticOne - FAQ

Q: Do I have to be in Hong Kong during Demo Day?


Q: Who should apply?

Early-stage tech startups in LogisticsTech and Supply Chain. Supply Chain tech are solutions that bring efficiency to the delivery of a product or service, such as B2B marketplaces, procurement solutions, demand/pricing AI, advanced analytics, IoT, robotic process automation, factory and warehouse robotics etc.

Q: How long does this program run for?

One week.

Q: What is the program format?

In the week leading up to Demo Day, we conduct intensive business strategy and pitch workouts, where the mentors evaluate and give feedback about your business as well as iterate on your pitch. You will also pitch in front of an audience of investors, industry professionals and other startups.

Q: Where will this be held?


Q: Do you take any equity or provide any funding?

We do not take equity or provide funding.

Q: Is this program right for my business?

See the questions in our application form here to get an idea of whether or not your startup will benefit from this program.

Q: Does my whole team need to attend?

No, but it’s useful if one of your co-founders also attends to help you refine your deck and to help you practice your pitch.

Q: When is the application deadline?


Q: When will I know if I get accepted?